Roy van ECKE

Roy lives in a world of forms and colors. He cultivates his individual perception of the world, looking for simple, cult beauty. His inspiration has many forms – meeting with other cultures, fascination with ancient symbols, fantasy world seen through the eyes of children. That is why in his paintings we see layers of mysticism. A silent secret, how he interprets forms and finds a place for them in his art. Much remains on the side of the viewer, interpretations of mystical shapes and colors leave the viewer in a state of uncertainty. The Pseudo-Fantastica series transforms abstract symbols into an integral part of the story in the pictures. Forms combine cultural heritage. The composition is a journey of transformation. Very simple colors, very simple forms, very simple compositions. Roy has a great love for handwriting, reminiscent of ancient calligraphy and the tradition of ink-painting. A journey to the beginnings of human culture.