Eva Davis

Australian,descendent of Irish emigrants, she grew up in a well off environment in Brisbane near Noosa Beach, a perfect surfing spot. Her father, a third generation lawyer, liked the ocean and jazz. Every Sunday afternoon he was playing saxophone with a few friends. His daughter listened to them with her eyes closed. Images, colors and forms would emerge in her brain. She did not know, nor could she realize then, that this was a rare quality, that she was a synesthetic, she was “seeing” sounds.

Eva did not want to study law like her family would want her to. She travelled extensively for two years living for several months in largest megalopolis of the world. During this time her interests oscillated around electronic experimental music and she realized that she could make use of the unique way of perceiving music by painting the images her brain was generating.

And so, after returning to Brisbane, she studied painting and theory of music. She surfs often on the beach of Noosa, where she learned not only how to manage the board, but how to be inspired by the music of waves.