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Eva Davis Bio

Australian, descendent of Irish emigrants, she grew up in a well off environment in Brisbane near Noosa Beach, a perfect surfing spot. Her father, a third generation lawyer, liked the ocean and jazz. Every Sunday afternoon Eva Davis was playing saxophone with a few friends. His daughter listened to them with her eyes closed. Images, colors and forms would emerge in her brain. Eva Davis did not know, nor could she realize then, that this was a rare quality, that she was a synesthetic, she was “seeing” sounds.

Eva Davis did not want to study law like her family would want her to. She travelled extensively for two years living for several months in largest megalopolis of the world. During this time her interests oscillated around electronic experimental music and she realized that she could make use of the unique way of perceiving music by painting the images her brain was generating.

And so, after returning to Brisbane, Eva Davis studied painting and theory of music. She surfs often on the beach of Noosa, where she learned not only how to manage the board, but how to be inspired by the music of waves.

Eva Davis Artistic Credo

My creation process is based on a dialogue, a combination of destruction and creation. Acrylic paint is my favorite medium. It allows for very impulsive painting because it dries very quickly. This feature of acrylic paint reflects my temperament. I act impulsively, I do not want to wait too long between adding more elements on the canvas. I apply many layers of paint, adding and never removing elements. I work directly on canvas on several layers, which gives a more sensitive and delicate effect. This allows me to achieve balance – create on the border of consciousness and subconsciousness. I react and paint without planning, with more impetuous than controlled decisions.

Impulsive painting, making mistakes and unexpected painting solutions are a very important part of my creative process. Sometimes it is frustrating, but the appearance of unforeseen and unusual ideas is rewarding. For me, creativity is about creating and building. It also means that the final work is the result of a process, not a planned scheme. Because such a process is cyclical, it is also infinite. Very often after a break I go back to my painting. A new look at it gives me new impulses, gives the next stage of work a new dimension, is adding depth.

Eva Davis art statement

Eva Davis is informel artist. Informel or informel art (shapeless art) is a style of abstract painting characterized by striving for free expression through the use of colorful areas, lines and other forms. In order not to limit the authenticity and drama of the works, the paintings do not yield to any compositional disciplines. Eva Davis as informel artists is focused on conveying emotions. Alice Juno art is gradually fortified by minimalism, hard-edge painting, lyrical abstraction, and color field painting.

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