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Roy van Ecke was raised in a family of Dutch functionaries. He was a rebellious boy, frequently changed schools, became independent at 18, interrupted and resumed studies. His fascination with calligraphy goes back to his childhood when, by using icons and symbols, he created his own alphabet.
Roy studied parallel linguistics and graphic art, learned calligraphy art in Japan and tried monastic life in China. He practices a combination of four traditional systems perpetuated over the millennia: Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga and Chinese calligraphy.
Roy van Ecke adheres to post-painterly abstraction. While followers of this trend are ruthless in rejecting the inner and mysticism of abstract expressionism, Ron creates his own way of perceiving and communicating, his own approaches to the composition and basic elements of the medium itself: form, color, texture and scale.

Roy van Ecke Art Statement

“Pseudologia Fantastica” a series, which refers to the theory of lies, is a good example of it. Roy attempts in and by his works, to define and capture this eternal human vice. Like philosophers, ethicists, logicians, semanticists, semiotics, psychologists, sociologists and, finally, linguists, Roy encodes his insights and reflections on the nature of lies. The artist presents in an abstract way the universality of the lie and its various forms.
The Pseudo-Fantastica series transforms abstract symbols into an integral part of the story in the pictures. His calligraffiti forms combine cultural heritage. The composition is a journey of transformation. Simple colors, forms, almost ascetic compositions.
Roy van Ecke is attracted to handwriting, to ancient calligraphy and the tradition of ink-painting. A journey to the beginnings of human culture.

Roy van Ecke asemic writing is a process inspired by handwriting. This is a completely abstract visual creation deprived of any specific semantic meaning and therefore open to every possible interpretation. Calligraffiti is an art form that combines calligraphy, typography and graffiti. Calligraffiti and calligraphy art integrates signs referring to lettering in compositions that form a broader, symbolic, very emotional message.

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