Vidal Toreyo -Metamorphopsia

Do we all see everything the same? Does our perception differ? Can our brain, our nervous system make us see differently.
Science knows vision disorders. Metamorphopsia is a change in visual perception due to damage to the central nervous system. This part of the brain is involved in the transmission, modality, and analysis of visual stimuli. The effect is to see objects as changed, but in such a way that the object is still recognizable. Objects viewed acquire properties different from the real ones. The perceived objects may be seen in a different place than they actually are, the images may be brighter, clearer, more colorful or colorless. There are often multiple elements. Characteristic for metamorphopsia is also shimmering or glowing visual image, and changes in the color of objects.

Vidal Toreyo was inspired not only by the optical, but also by the emotional side of this phenomenon. Changing attitudes towards perceived objects, events and people. He uses it in his painting.
Vidal Toreyo’s paintings are a puzzle in which you have to find a topic. The names of this series do not suggest anything, we do not know what was their inspiration. The viewer has complete freedom to interpret what he sees. It is a game. He plays with himself. Although the viewed image is very real because the viewer sees it in front of him, associations with it are caused by his individual guesses. The viewer’s brain searches for associations, and the image in his mind changes and adapts to the presentations remembered once. In this way, each viewer deforms what he sees, turns into his own image, creates his own metamorphopsis in his mind.