Abstract painting by Bartos Saro

Bartos Saro is an abstract artist by definition and belief. Although he talks about his paintings as landscapes, they are far from being typical views.
In essence, abstract landscapes painted by Bartos Saro refer to another field of art – music. What is identical in both of these areas of creativity is the indirect presentation of the topic. All components of the painter’s dictionary, such as rhythm, color, contrast, value, are used to communicate content indirectly. The artist creates their own individual code with which they write down their intentions in the painting. Artists creating abstract art choose from the catalog of their communication tools and means of expression those that best reflect their intentions. As an idea, what distinguishes abstract landscapes from non-abstract landscapes is the lack of realistic presentation.
Abstract landscape is still a popular trend in contemporary art. It started at the beginning of the 20th century and its popularity continues today. Questions are often asked: what does abstract painting represent? In the visual layer, it presents what you see as lines, spots and points. Often, abstract painting presents a topic, some problematic, Artists, including Bartos Saro, transfer their thoughts to paintings using abstract symbolism. Often the only reference to a landscape is a horizontal line that can be interpreted as a horizon.

In terms of meaning, abstract painting can encompass anything. These are both emotions and social considerations, philosophical concepts, and cultural problems. These may be topics of interest to the author, about which he usually does not talk directly. Abstract landscapes are a record of emotions, experiences and thoughts. Each viewer of the picture can enter his individual world through it.

Abstract landscape painting

Bartos Saro is a landscape painter. In his paintings, he uses sand to emphasize the relationship between his art and nature. Each abstract landscape is a record of emotions, a presentation of a unique view of the world around us. Abstract painting is often associated with completely incomprehensible color spots on the canvas. Abstract art is governed by no less specific rules than traditional landscape or portrait painting.