Abstract painter Ana Ksamit TURMOIL at IAXAI Gallery

Color makes me happy. Painting is my passion, oxygen for my creativity. As an abstract painter, I value color for its powerful symbolism. That’s why I use color to convey emotions and moods. Although the themes of my series of paintings may change, the color remains their constant theme and distinguishing feature of my painting.
For an abstract painter, the technique is very important. I chose acrylic paints. I work in acrylic because of its flexibility. Besides, it is a delicate, sensitive and durable medium. Acrylic paints allow for many transformations, both in terms of form and texture. For me, as an abstract artist, it is the perfect medium to describe the iconic meaning of the symbolism of the world around us.
Art should move, should influence us. Regardless of whether it is deep emotional or only aesthetic feelings, art is important in our lives. I do not agree that abstract painter paint decoratively. In abstract paintings, I see not only forms and colors. I feel them, I get to know them, I expand my outlook on the contemporary world. In my work, I try to capture what arises in my mind: thoughts, memories, dreams, fears. I think you don’t have to be an abstract artist to feel and understand abstract art. just like music which is abstract by nature.

Gesture in my painting always has its secrets. When I work, I often raise non-obvious, general subjects. One of the most important is the pursuit of unattainable inner harmony. I am fascinated by the life of people. My abstract paintings reflect this – these are not figurative compositions, portraits or still lifes. My painting is the study of my feelings and a mechanism that allows me to get to know the world better. This is what iIunderstand as being an abstract painter.