Abstract painting – Vidal Toreyo – CONFLUENCE

As an idea, what distinguishes abstract painting from non-abstract painting is the lack of recognizable objects. In essence, abstract painting refers to music. What is identical in both of these areas of art is that the topic is not illustrated directly. Artists creating abstract art, in the catalog of communication tools and means of expression, such as rhythm, color, contrast, value. They are all on the verge of sensual perception.
What does abstract painting show. In the visual layer, it presents what you see as lines, spots and points. Often abstract painting presents a topic, some problematic, artists encode their thoughts in paintings using abstract symbolism.

In the semantic layer, abstract painting can contain anything. These are both emotions and social considerations, philosophical concepts, and cultural problems. These may be topics of interest to the author, about which he usually does not talk directly. Vidal Toreyo studies relations between people in the series „confluence”.
Confluence is perhaps one of the most important and common defenses of the human being as an individual. In psychology, confluence is when people unconsciously blend in with others around them. It is based on constant changes: closeness and distance. People are stuck in a natural pursuit of beautiful endings. Confluence is looking for their beauty in others instead of in yourself.
Confluence is the inability to define the limits of oneself in relation to other people. It can be a natural mechanism, for example in the case of a mother and her newborn child. It’s a tendency to merge with others. Confluence also occurs in the initial stage of falling in love. Confluence manifests itself in dependence on another person,
Tangle of lines, intricate forms, knots and contrasts. Intensely vivid colors, contrasted with shiny spots and lines of metallic paint reflecting light. This is how Vidal Toreyo describes confluence in his abstract painting. Skilfully selected means and symbolism describe the abstract topic of interpersonal relations.