Alice Juno – RUN, RUN – hard-edge artist

Alice Juno – RUN, RUN – hard-edge artist

A hard-edge artist creates by using large, straight spots of color painted on a flat surface. Images are precise, with sharp outlines and large areas of intense, unmodulated colors. This is how Alice Juno paints her series of abstract works RUN, RUN.

The aesthetics of painting by hard-edge artists

The term hard-edge painting refers not so much to one particular style or movement in painting, but rather to a trend. Contemporary hard-edge artists have used and still use it in many different ways of painting. Alice Juno’s aesthetics are distinguished by the application of not only sharp edges, but also clearly painted lines. Thus, the hard-edge artist created a unique style.

Hard-edge painting is based on the fact that in a simple way, thanks to obvious colors and clearly painted shapes, it establishes an order. As a hard-edge artist, Alice implements all these rules. But through the unique use of lines, she has established a new definition of beauty. Beauty understood as creating images that are calm, designed and subjected to rigid composition rules.

RUN, RUN abstract compositions

Alice Juno, as a hard-edge artist, strives to organize the form and colors used in the painting. It often limits the color range. What distinguishes her work is the texture of the lines. They are spacious as the only element of the picture. Alice gave up on any randomness. She paints with bold, usually uniform patches of color separated by sharp edges. The chromatic surface of the entire canvas is very precise. There are no incidents or random forms in the picture, apart from the lines. The effect is simple and clear in its form. Intelligent calm emanates from the paintings, and this is the goal of every hard-edge artist.