Alice Juno

Alice Juno Biography

Her mother was a model whose career ended with marriage and childbearing. Alice Juno started beauty pageant contests when she was a child. Followed a teenager model career and then success on well known catwalks in Paris, her hometown, New York, Milan. But she was aware that this cannot last for long and had a plan B. With the money she earned and saved, she studied at School of Art in New York.

Ana Ksamit can be almost ascetic in her artistic expression, confining to a certain decorative minimalism. Adequat, she says. But sometimes she is surprisingly dashing and daring, sumptuous and showy. “Like my baba’s knitting”, she says. began by creating texture compositions from materials and fabrics. Very soon Alice and people around her understood that her designs were rather independent art objects then outfits.

Within a few years Alice Juno gently passed, in a very natural way, from design to painting. As she claims, painting has fewer restrictions. Her way of painting surely does. She allows her sensual sensitivity to color and texture to “go overtime”, as she puts it. Is very adamant about her independence and protective of her privacy.

Alice Juno artistic credo

Alice Juno artistic credo is related to post-painterly art.
Post-painterly in her paintings often rejects the mysticism of abstract expressionism. Alice always presents residual references to the outside world. Her colorful compositions are purely factual art that functions more in terms of basic elements of the medium itself; form, color, texture, form and so on. She uses very bright colors, contrasts. Compositions are clear and open. Her abstract paintings are characterized by a very rigorous approach to abstraction. Her paintings move in different directions, initially away from abstract expressionism. Her art is powered by the spirit of innovation.

The purpose of this style is to go beyond the traditional form of a painting. This can be done by changing the shape of it, moving away from the typical flat form, using different materials and spatial forms. Artists go beyond the convention of a typical painting by creating works of a surprising, innovative form and symbolism.

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