Ana Ksamit + TURMOIL – round paintings at IAXAI Gallery

Ana Ksamit – TURMOIL – round paintings

Round paintings always have their secrets. In her artwork, Ana Ksamit often raises non-obvious, general issues. One of the most important is the pursuit of unattainable inner harmony. She is fascinated by the inner life of people and my paintings reflect this. These are not figurative compositions, portraits, or still lifes. Ana’s gesture painting is the study of her feelings and a mechanism that allows her to get to know the world better.

Ana creates round paintings in curvilinear style. Ana Ksamit uses patterns of abstract interlaced lines, squiggles and spirals. Her style of painting round pictures is characterized by smooth, curved lines. Creates fully abstract patterns. The forms of vortices, circles and spirals refer to the round form of the picture. Patterns can evoke all sorts of associations. In this form of painting, we will not find any right angles. Just like in nature.

Process of creation

When creating, she always set herself the overriding goal of capturing the uniqueness of the moment and place. She wants to inspire the viewers of her artworks to take a closer look at the world around us. All her artworks can be described as „perfecting”. She achieves the effect in gesture painting through the use of getu painting and internal reflection. For her artistic perception, interaction with her interior and her surroundings is important. A look into the past, detailed observation and personal involvement in the subject. This is the essence of her creative process which she expresses in beautiful rounded paintings

The painter would like her art lovers to discover beauty in ordinary places and moments. That they would look at the world spontaneously. That is why she chose gesture painting in her work. The TURMOIL series of round paintings is a study of the deliberate deformation of feelings. Use the applied painting gestures for the variety and non-obviousness. Painting with gestures gives her great freedom, but also requires a lot of self-control. Each gesture is studied, each one is a record of conscious decisions about painting