Art statement guidelines

One of the most important elements in building the artist’s image is the art statement. An art statement is an introduction to the artist’s work, a catalog of his works or of a specific project. Text should contain a general vision of art and a description, philosophy of creating art by the artist. It presents the place of the artist’s creativity in contemporary art. It shows the sources and inspirations of creativity and the artists who influenced it.

If an artist works in series, he presents how current works are related to previous works. The description of the process of creating works can also be an element of an art statement. It can present how important a given technique is and how it affects the final result.

Why write an art motto of an artist?

The first and most important goal is to build the image of the artist. Therefore, this material can be a good way to explain the artist’s own ideas and present the uniqueness of his work. His individual approach to art.

An art statement is necessary when an artist applies to a gallery and establishes contacts with curators. It can also be useful when preparing reviews of works. For example materials for an exhibition catalog or information for journalists preparing publications in the media.

A valuable art statement is also a very important document for collectors. It is a way of presenting the approach to creativity for art collectors. The more a collector knows about the artist’s approach, the more he is interested in what he does and, consequently, decides to buy his works. Artist’s art motto generally describes the approach to creativity, the methods used, motivation and history. It creates a story about an artist that is part of the artist’s existence in the contemporary art world. It may also contain specific examples of the current job or project.

How to evaluate an art statement?

When is an art statement valuable material for an artist? One can judge it by answering a few questions: does it raise issues that are really important to the artist, does it affect his current work, does it support the artist in his development, does the content distinguish the artist from others, does it help to create exceptional art?