Abstract compositions by Artur Kepili – PELOPSY

Abstract compositions of PELOPSY series of drawings

In the drawing abstract compositions called, perversely, PELOPSY, Artur Kepili tells us about his perception of the world. He spins anecdotes about our split vision of the world. About deformations between what is real and what creates our consciousness. To present this, he refers to visual metamorphopsia. Metamorphopsia is a disorder of the visual perception of objects. Pelopsy is a disturbed distance vision – the object moves closer to the observer.

What draws our attention are the multiplying elements. The drawn forms float in the abstract space, move, create the illusion of movement. When applied in layers, they simulate space, suggesting a change in distance. They pretend. PELOPSY is a series of linear drawings, a cycle of abstract compositions. The works are done in black Chinese ink on paper. Softly drawn multiplied lines sometimes combined with dark spots. Such a juxtaposition creates contrasts, forces our eye to adapt.

Fantastic world of black and white drawings

The PELOPSY cycle is a perverse record of very individual feelings. The artist writes down his experiences and emotions in abstract compositions. He combines the presentation of abstract forms with the individual intimacy of thoughts. His Work is always the beginning of a story that leads the viewer to the threshold of an unknown and fantastic world. In his abstract compositions, Artur manipulates the shapes and forms of the picture, which he plays freely with, lures, deceives the viewer’s perception. Elements of drawing intertwine with the background, telling stories composed of both anxiety and rhythmic order. He Moves smoothly from evolution to analysis. Artur Kepili’s abstract compositions are full of symbolism and emotional tension capable of showing very subtle emotions.

The subject is not the most important. An abstract artist, a victim of honoring a painting. Often the painter’s goal is to evoke such and not other associations. Abstract paintings by Kepili that every viewer will react slightly differently. What is to be shared is real art is a well-thought-out, rich in message artistic creation.