Bartos Saro

Bartos Saro Bio

Studied arts and design. He practices matter painting and abstract drawing. As a member of IAXAI he has exhibited his artworks at individual and collective exhibitions in Poland, Sweden, France, Spain and Belgium. He participated in art fairs and salons in Toulouse, France, Warsaw, Poland, Luxembourg, Brussel, Belgium and Art Fair Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France

Bartos Saro’s life is very structured, organized but not in a confining way. So are his paintings. Designer, painter and art historian by profession. He started in modern design, made it to the level of partner in a furniture showroom company where he could put to work his methodically working but open mind. The level of corporational restraint and pressure was not appealing in the long run. Fascination with structures and materials in design took finally over and passion led him to the painting of matter. He used to keep a studio in London, but finally moved to a more quiet place near Bristol where he can tend to his small japanese maple trees. He believes, he matured there.

Bartos Saro Artistic Statement

Bartos Saro artwork focuses on the structure of materials, he prefers to work in mixed media. Expressively presenting the weight and movement, Bartos loves to create tension and drama, because he believes that there is a spirit in matter – shapes and forms can reflect basic experiences attached to emotions.

Thick layers of raw, often cracked texture are enhanced and gaining a unique beauty owing it to the additional drawing and slightly applied colors. Sand or broken marble mixed with an acrylic binder is one of his preferred materials. Bartos’ sense of matter is full of concern for the facture.

Bartos Saro has reduced his alphabet of symbols to several forms that are able to convey a variety of tensions and emotions. His work is by definition basic rarely showing sophistication, but the more it is, the more it conveys Bartos Saro artistic vision.

Bartos Saro artistic credo

I did a lot of my work using mixed media. Combining many materials, techniques with acrylic paints I get unexpected effects. I often use metallic and fluorescent tones. Unique colors emphasize the metaphysical nature of the work. Contrast combinations enrich it with a sophisticated connotation. I see my paintings in nature, and I just highlight what nature created with the help of light and texture of materials. Sometimes the almost random arrangement of abstract acrylic spots on canvas helps me to recall images from my imagination.
I paint my emotions and feelings. My art is very personal. My works are characterized by contrasts. I am playing, playing in sets of opposites. Small details, sharp lines and meticulously painted forms collide with wide soft spots and blurred contours. Smoothly organic shapes and various figures connect with hard, calculated geometric forms. The symbolism of my paintings contains emotions. I use different forms and shapes to express directly a specific emotional atmosphere. I often use unreal color combinations and fantastic material structure to emphasize emotionality, innovative interpretation and the delicate charm of abstraction.

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