Bartos Saro – MIRAGE – abstraction artworks

Bartos Saro – MIRAGE – abstraction artworks

Mirage is the phenomenon of creating an apparent image of a distant object. It is formed as a result of refraction of light in layers of air. Other meanings of this term are an unbreakable dream, false hopes or appearances, a snot, delusion, illusion, illusion. Bartos Saro uses this phenomenon in his abstraction artworks.

The image itself is a fascinating, captivating mirage, it is a play of light, reflections and its absorption. Depending on where you watch it, depending on the lighting, what you see changes. Abstraction artworks come to life, create moms, create illusions. Fragments deep dark, matte, with thickly applied sand paint, with a distinctive drawing – absorb the light, Others covered with thick glass varnish send intense reflections – the color covered with them disappears and reflected light manifests. Metallic surfaces have their own color, shine with aluminum green, copper and gold, aniline blue. Bartos Saro offers us a vivid image that is in constant interaction with the viewer, which is constantly changing.

Sand paintings by Bartos Saro

Saro is a reflective artist with a sharp sense of texture, perspective and sharpness. His abstraction artworks „Mirages” do not only refer to the transferred meaning of the word. Of the many materials he uses, sand is his favorite. So, however, a reference not only to illusory hopes, appearances of something, delusions and illusions, but also to the phenomenon so often observed in the desert, morgana fata, an image created under the influence of the refraction of light.

Abstraction art in Haute Pate style

Haute Pâte (Matter Painting) is a technique of using a thick impasto paint to which materials such as sanded glass, mud, sand, feathers, cement and shells are added. The accessories are free and they influence the style and character of the work. Bartos Saro is limited to acrylic paint mixed with a binder and sifted sand. The layers of texture and paste used in the image are very delicate and at the same time fancy. Heavy abstraction artworks are created with thick paste, prone to cracking. Saro avoids such effects. The surfaces of his paintings are perfect, creating unique rhythmic patterns on them. Saro abstraction artworks typically consist of a textured substrate layer made of sand mixed with an acrylic-based binder. It is characteristic for the artist to use black paint as a preparation for the painting surface. As a result, the images show a clear pattern of unpainted ground.