Bartos Saro MIRAGE at Postepu Gallery – Haute Pâte

What is Haute Pâte?

Haute Pâte generally refers to a painting technique in which the artist uses thick layers of impasto paint mixed with other materials. The component of such paint can be sand, chips, cement and others. The intention of the Haute Pâte artists is to highlight the nature of the material and its structure.

In his expressive paintings, Bartos Saro focuses on paint as a physical matter and the material properties of this medium. Bartos Saro, primarily an abstract artist, investigated how the physical structure of an image, or unique, rhythmic forms, can give emotional meaning to abstractions. In his career, Saro studies the formal problems of painting using Haute Pâte as means. His painting goes through numerous stylistic changes in successive series of works. The artist most often refers to gesture painting.

Bartos Saro’s three-dimensional paintings

The artist in the MIRAGE series creates sensually colored sculptural paintings with large accumulations of paint. In the process of „building a picture”, the artist combined the gesture of applying paint with its unique material. He creates images of strong physicality with a sculptural, three-dimensional presence. The layers of paint are clear, with a strong structure. Whole basis of the painting matter is sifted sand. In his work, he experiments with mixing acrylic paints, obtaining an intense color or a matte finish. He draws inspiration from nature views and intensive study of nature.

Evolution of Saro’s works in the style of Haute Pâte

His work has evolved. From simple landscapes to more abstract, rhythmic representations of fields, meadows and hills. From works with fluid drawing to MIRAGE in which the horizontal axes of the composition are clearly emphasized. The landscape aspect of his work became schematic, transforming into abstract symbols placed in specific parts of the composition. Bartos Saro efficiently and creatively uses rhythm, accents and contrasts in his Haute Pâte art.