Abstract landscape by Bartos Saro – MIRAGE

Bartos Saro – Abstract landscape – Mirages

Frequent travels inspired me with landscapes full of vivid colors and various textures. An abstract landscape does not differ in nature from representational painting. I try to recreate it in layers of thick paint. I resigned from using brushes, I prefer to pour liquid paint directly onto the canvas – this is how my abstract landscape is created. The resulting textural effects strengthen the message. The sand used in the paintings mixed with a binder, emphasizes the relationship between the image and nature, with the landscape. Thanks to this, the landscape, although painted abstractly, is alive and allows for spontaneous association. The extraction of unexpected structures, revealing surprises is another element of the game with the viewer. The abstract landscape allows this perfectly, because it gives the viewers the opportunity to interpret themselves, their own unlimited imagination and reading an individual story.

Abstract landscape – emotional mirage

Mirage’s abstract landscape series was inspired by different places. White pictures refer to winter, yellow to desert landscapes, blue to watching the world at night, and browns and oranges referring to autumn. It is also a record of moods. When I start to paint a picture, I recall associations with the place. A visit to Spain in winter is warm and peaceful. Scotland is the intensity of the feeling of the changing cold sky and flashes of the sun. A walk in the Kampinos forest is peace and quiet. I believe that a lot can be said through an abstract landscape. A lot of a very private world to discover.