Bartos Saro – SYNCOPE – matter painting

My creation process is based on dialogue, on multi-stage creation. My favorite medium is acrylic paint. It allows for very emotional painting and very fast work. This feature reflects my temperament and creates matter painting style images. Acrylic paint makes it possible to combine acrylic with other materials. For example with stripe or structured materials. Thanks to this, the pictures become spatial. Textured surfaces allow for additional expressiveness of images – emotional and intense surfaces. This is what makes my work unique – matter painting
I act impulsively, I don’t want to wait too long between adding more elements to the canvas. I apply multiple layers of paint adding and never removing elements. Matter painting allows you to work directly on the canvas. You can apply several layers, which gives a more sensitive and expressive effect. Thanks to this, I can achieve balance – create on the border of consciousness and subconsciousness. I react and paint impulsively, not always with controlled decisions.
Matter painting It is a type of painting, usually abstract, that gained popularity in the middle of the 20th century. This painting technique involves applying paint thickly and combining it with sand, cement and small objects. Pictures from the series of landscapes bring a very expressive artistic proposal. Its feature is simplicity. The picture is created over time, it is also created by time. I express my approach to time in different ways: from an interest in the very process of creation and references to nature. The specific, „relief” beauty of my works strikes the eye and raises the question of the relationship with the place they refer to.