Ivo Alvarone is a contemporary art painter. He creates mostly abstract and landscape acrylic and mixed media paintings. His unique technique consists of a subtle and slowly deepening mixture of overlapping form. His artworks are a private, abstract view of nature. What matters to Ivo is to share emotion and thoughts. Very important thing is to convey this sensitivity, through shapes, colors. He works in series by discovering new pictorial techniques.  Form and the idea are abstract. It likes intensive and warm colors, and the contrasts intense. The creation process is driven by personal experiences, altered states of consciousness. Translated into abstraction, color and form.

Fascinated by the beauty of the surrounding landscape. The painter takes us to the world of nature, which is well known to everyone but presents him in a very individual way. It goes beyond the conventions of typical landscape compositions. Every picture and drawing is the result of opening to nature. The artist does not illustrate nature, but through his artworks he opens to other gates to his own experience.