Ivo Alvarone – LAND-ESCAPE – landscape painter

Coloristic landscape painting

Landscape painter, colorist and synthetic draftsman. This is how you can describe Ivo Alvarone. He describes himself as a colorist. Colorism is a tendency to emphasize color in a painting composition. In colors, the dominant themes are landscape and still life. Ivo Alvarone in the LAND-ESCAPE series paints uniformly thematically open landscapes, meadows, mountains, the sea coast. His works are characterized by attention to detail. For example mastery in the use of light and an impeccable, multi-layered composition. It is the composition that is the key distinguishing feature of him as a landscape painter.

His landscapes are romantic in mood, devoid of staffage, carefully painted. Despite this, the artist has a clear tendency to idealize nature. He is a propagator of outdoor painting. He is looking for „exceptional” solutions. Uniqueness is a personal definition of something that makes the viewer stand in front of a given image for a few moments longer, unable to take his eyes off it.

Ivo Alvarone abstraction

Alvarone uses some of the post-impressionist assumptions and combines them with his individual, synthetic style. His painting is focused mainly on synthetic symbolism. Although he is a landscape painter, he reduces his paintings to simple forms and ambiguous abstract compositions. A landscape painter who creates magical landscapes

Alvarone’s main assumption in the creative process is the supreme role of the imagination.  He believes in clear subjectivism and expression of personal feelings and experiences in creativity. For this purpose, the artist chose a landscape. In this theme he introduced a whole range of visual impressions in an unusual way. Each work also translates into the inner world of feelings – his landscapes are known for very small formats with a high emotional impact.

In the paintings of the LAND-ESCAPE series, the painter has proved in a masterly manner that emotions can be most fully expressed through abstract forms. Each of his paintings is a moving sight that will be remembered for a very long time. Landscape painter, creator of works about the earth, meadows, and wonderful clouds. When observed in the sky, allow for a moment to sail away into the land of gentleness. Thanks to that, through his symbolist landscapes, Ivo does something extraordinary. A typical view is elevated to the rank of a kind of holiness. In conclusion, in his works you can feel nostalgia, longing for silence and gentleness of nature.