Jan Astner – COINCIDENCES – monochrome drawings

Jan Astner creates his monochrome drawings in his forest studio. They are inspired by numerous journeys. Every winter, the artist moves to Andalusia and travels regularly. On the Iberian Peninsula, he is fascinated by the sea and the mountains. During his trips to Andalusia, Cantabria, and the Portuguese coast, he makes synthetic sketches of coasts, rocks and sky. Observing such a diverse nature was the inspiration and basis for creating COINCIDENCES.

Monochrome abstract art

Jan treats nature similarly to expressionist abstractionists. He sees in her an autonomous being filled with spirit. In his works, he presents the mysticism of nature’s views. His works are very careful studies of the dynamics, phenomena and changes of nature. So it’s no surprise that as the end result we have very unique landscapes. Though they are monochrome drawings, they are full of fascinating textures and structures. He looks for unique forms, draws them, studies them and improves them. So when we look at his works, it is difficult to treat them only as a drawing representation of shores, rocks, and sky. Our thoughts extract every form, every carefully drawn detail and add stories to each other.

The power of the composition and contrasts of his monochrome drawings, the dynamic way of drawing and the enriched texture create art that refers to old graphic techniques. Astner is a painter whose imagination and the gift of landscape processing allow him to create unique compositions. Painter, draftsman and unconventional traveler. Sensitive not only to impersonal beauty. 

Monochrome drawings – emotional landscapes

Astner creates in many different ways. He experiments with painting techniques, creates his own painting tools, mixes media, and uses various materials in structural works. His monochrome drawings pulsate with unique, yet decisive forms. They are full of great creativity. Importantly, they are fully autonomous creations of abstract beauty. Styling is also important to artist. It gives his artworks an almost fantastic dimension. He shows us nature with light lines, clear spots, rhythmic drawings and asymmetric accents.