Jan Astner TRANSHUMAN VISIONS abstract art

Abstract artTRANSHUMAN VISIONS by Jan Astner

Abstract art allows you to develop the concept of an art gallery. The gallery can be not only a place for exhibiting works of art, but also a meeting place for people willing to discuss and exchange views. On the occasion of the opening of Jan Astner’s works – TRANSHUMAN VISIONS – the meetings focused on the philosophy of transhumanism and posthumanism.

The series of works made by the artist are cycles presenting the artist’s approach to the issues of the future of humanity. This abstract art prompted curators to new initiatives. The IAXAI Gallery is also a meeting place, a place to discuss art and exchange views. The TRANSHUMAN VISION series is an interesting pretext for such activities.

TRANSHUMAN VISION an element of social life.

The artist’s goal in creating this series was to start a discussion and provoke reflection on the importance of modern technologies in human life. Discussions on this abstract art are an integral part of the exhibitions of the artist’s TRANSHUMAN VISION. In this way, Jan Astner’s art becomes an element of social life. The images are a pretext for discussion. Art socially engaged this way, takes on a unique meaning. Apart from the aesthetic values, the beauty of the painting, color and form, it is a pretext for reflection on the future. The abstract form and abstract subject of Astner’s painting inspire, intrigue and don’t leave the audience indifferent.
The abstract art of Jan Astner’s art relates to the future. Jan Astner adopted transhumanism as the theme of his works. According to the ideologues of transhumanism, the human being is a transitional being. We live in an era of unprecedented pace of progress. Transhumanists believe that the goal of technological progress is to create the perfect form of a super human. A super human being perfected by biotechnology and gene manipulation. Unlimited in its possibilities thanks to modeling of the human  brain.