Jan Astner TRANSHUMAN VISIONS future art

Future art. Art about future.

The problem is real, tangible. We are standing on the threshold of another, but not necessarily friendly to our world. Is it future art?

Transhuman. Transitional human. According to followers of transhumanism, it will produce a supreme and perfect human being. Improved by biotechnology, gene manipulation, brain transplantation … But isn’t it at the same time a huge threat? Are we sure to be in control of what „progress” speeding in a pure madness, maybe to our own destruction? Our prompt annihilation? We are not just threatened by the „transitional human being”. We are at the same time going away from humanity the way we know it.

And this is why it is so important to show the danger in a plastic form. Transhuman visions of Jan Astner are a warning, they activate our non-verbal imagination. They stimulate our way of thinking; they are a cry of despair of a human being trapped in the snares of his own inventions.