Jan Astner VOLUPTUOUS TOWNS collection of city portraits

The collection of abstract city portraits

The entire collection of abstract city portraits is painted with a printing method. Jan Astner does not use a brush to create these works. Jan Astner is creatively looking for new painting tools. These are often items found while traveling. Souvenirs from visited cities. Artworks from the VOLUPTUOUS TOWNS series refer to cubism, macro pointillism, process painting. The works are very rich and multi-layered.

Jan Astner runs a permanent project – he paints an endless collection of abstract city portraits. He systematically records portraits of visited cities. The project has been going on for several years. There are new artworks every year. VOLUPTUOUS TOWNS – a collection of abstract city portraits is the artist’s travel diary. Each painting is a record of the feelings that accompanied the visit, discoveries, and experiences.

The structure of the artwork can be studied many times. Each viewer will notice different details, discover something new. This wealth comes from the painting technique. Hundreds, sometimes thousands of characters. From small dots and lines to large areas of imprinted acrylic paint.

Art about the cities

This collection of abstract city portraits shows the “invisible” faces of cities. It is a colorful, diverse world, always hiding something from visitors. Each city has its own taboos, its hidden secrets – because each city has its own intimate life. And so intimate are the paintings by the painter in this series. Painted intuitively and spontaneously. Created on the basis of abstract associations, memories, and presumptions.

Sensual, showing much more than appearances, hiding secrets, protecting their taboos, Jan Astner’s cities are not portraits of architecture. Jan Astner is watching the city from the inside and the bottom. From the hidden side. The collection of abstract city portraits, VOLUPTUOUS TOWNS is a unique project of a unique idea for portraying cities. The artist shows us his interpretation. If we go beyond the conventional perception and allow ourselves to run our imagination, we will see a different world. Cities are not created by buildings, but by what happens in them, what happens every day. Discovering is what is fascinating about traveling.