Magdalena DOMINIKA

She studied design and photography in Edinburgh (Great Britain) and Brisbane (Australia). She also dealt with film set design and jewelry design.

In her works, she combines hyperrealism with graphics manipulation. She creates unique compositions from photos of everyday objects and food products. Feerie and heterogenous puzzles in which the idea of emergence is used – from the individual elements it is impossible to read the rule that governs the whole composition. This is the denial of the idea of deconstruction, disintegration – it is the creation of images of some of the banal objects surrounding us that are surprising forms and compositions.

Magdalena striking photography belies his background in design, jewelry and her Mediterranean live. Although currently residing in Barcelona, she is truly international.

She avails herself of an eclectic set of mediums like drawing, digital collage, and printmaking. These she deploys in all possible combinations. In the series Verduras&Frutas The effect is pictorially hybrid compositions in which she freely samples stylistic languages from naturalistic, ultra-modern, and romantic photographs of fruits and vegetables. The mandala effect is poetic, decorative, and familiar.