Maria Tehia – SENSU ORCHIS – abstract photography

The beauty of simplicity of abstract photography

According to Maria Tehia, abstract art, including abstract photography, is most successful when it is devoid of complexity. The simpler the picture, the stronger the aesthetic value. The smaller the number of elements, limited to a few components per topic, the stronger the message. Through simplicity, Maria Tehia thus refers to the primitive recognition of aesthetics. The artist hopes to attract the viewer’s eyes, drawing him in, revealing simple beauty.

Maria Tehia claims that it is crucial for the viewer to be able to focus on the limited attributes of the object. Treated in this way, abstract photography helps them to recognize beauty and form through the purity of the elements viewed.

Abstract photography harmonizes with the idea of ​​beauty if there is a visual unity contained in an image. When the whole picture is coherent, an impression of harmony appears. The artist’s goal is that no perceived part of the picture be more important than the whole. If no part of the picture stands out or collides with it, a coherent whole is created. It is not about symmetry or the lack of accents. The aim is to simply connect the parts of abstract photography into a harmonious whole.

Unique graphic art

The balance between unity and diversity gives the picture life. In abstract photography, the artist looks for a balance between the unity and the chaos of diversity. In abstract art, the artist uses dimensions rarely found in drawing or painting. The first is sharpness. Maria Tehia skillfully extracts parts of an object using blur. Thus, she strengthens the conceptual character of her works. The second element is rhythms. Through digital processing in abstract photography, the graphic artist gets the impression of rhythmicity. The third element is the extraction of colors. Narrowing the color palette, creating color accents increases detachment from associations with the real world. The fourth is simplicity. Maria Tehia’s abstracts stand out thanks to the expression of visual effects.

SENSU ORCHIS are photos of flowers. They are abstract photographs of orchids, flowers of finesse and widely recognized as beautiful. Framing fragments and modifying them, Maria creates gentle compositions that are consistent in terms of form and color. The purpose of  abstract photography is simply to present the subject. The viewer can perceive the abstract beauty of simple compositions. This simplicity helps the viewer connect emotionally with the image. The abstract photography audience does not want to recognize the original. Both them and the creators want to connect emotionally with the image.