Artur Kepili Memories – paintings with abstract drawing

Artur Kepili  – MEMORIES

What distinguishes Artur Kepili’s works is the use of an abstract drawing of contours? The artist applied a precise line and clearly built the composition. He divided large surfaces of the canvases into unambiguous parts and filled them with uniform, flat patches of color. He put a circle forms on the surfaces. MEMORIES are acts. This vague drawing suggests not named abstract forms. A drawing blends with the image, becoming an integral part of the composition.

The changes, conversions, presented in the artist’s colorful artworks are multiple.  One or several parts of his artwork begin to live an independent life. A conversion means in general „transforming the form of something.” The Artist presents an abstract theme and develops it freely in an unique formula. Open forms refer to infinity of dreaming. Duration, even durability of this state, are expected and desired. To achieve this goal, the artist departs from the naturalistic representation of nature. It rejects any unequivocal definition of the object. 

The importance of lines in MEMORIES

Abstract drawing shows contours of shapes. The forms suggest a blissful rest, relaxation and satisfaction. The soft forms of drawing may be a symbol of fulfillment full of happiness. The artist creates forms that are unlimited by limitation. The abstract drawing at paintings suggest the sublimation of memories. 

Artur Kepili’s goal required reflection and a conscious choice of means. Large patches of vibrating color accentuate the abstract drawing. The selected fragments of the picture, limited by lines resonate. The painter uses coarsely poured paint for drawing. It even marks the physical boundaries of the abstractly represented forms and its surroundings.

Colors of similar value are adjacent to each other, elsewhere they strongly contrast. Oftentimes, sharp contrasting colors come into contact and fight with each other. Other times, the transitions from one color to another are blurred. Such a well-thought-out and composed abstract drawing carries many meanings and a variety of associations. In this way, it symbolizes a struggle, a desire to achieve a permanent state. However, Artur knows that this is not possible.