New drawings in an abstract style by Ewa Dawid – RETRIBUTION


RETRIBUTION are drawings in an abstract style. In Ewa Dawid’s work, they symbolize a complete departure from representational painting. We see the free assimilation of various graphic elements or a complete deformation of known forms. We have the feeling of denial, a shift in values ​​and a shift towards some new theme. The artist presents an abstract topic and develops it freely. Her drawings in an abstract style are detachment from the sense of reality as we generally perceive it. Ewa’s painting is about change. However, it is not about changing the form. According to her, change takes place primarily on an immaterial, psychological level.

Images from the series RETRIBUTION by Ewa Dawid are associated with a drastic change involving a radical reorientation of the most important aspects. The artist presents an abstract subject and freely manipulates it in an open formula. In her abstract drawings it is a break with the sense of reality as we generally perceive it.

Acrylic drawings in an abstract style

Acrylic paint is her favorite medium. It forces you to paint impulsively because it dries very quickly. This feature of acrylic paint reflects Ewa’s temperament. She acts impulsively and doesn’t wait too long between adding more elements to the canvas. Ewa applies multiple layers of paint, adding and never removing elements. Thanks to this, she obtains an exceptionally sensitive and delicate effect. This allows her to achieve a balance – to create on the border of consciousness and subconsciousness. She reacts and paints without planning, with more impulsive than controlled decisions.

Her drawings in the abstract style are characterized by spontaneity with elements of care for form. She paints under the spur of the moment – unexpected painting solutions are a very important part of her creative process. Her works often show unexpected and unusual artistic solutions. For Ewa Dawid, creativity is about processing and expanding. This means that the final work is the result of a process, not the result of a planned scheme. Since such a process is cyclical, it is also infinite. Her drawings in an abstract style are an inspiration for further works. A new look at her previous works gives her new motivation and gives the next stage of work a new dimension. It’s a way to look for inspiration. It is a way for constant development.