Post-painterly drawings by Ewa Dawid – RETRIBUTION

Evwa Dawid – RETRIBUTION – post-painterly drawings

The feelings, RETRIBUTION, presented in Ewa Dawidpost-painterly drawings are multiple: one or several parts of her artwork begin to live an independent life. In her colorful post-painterly drawings. It is a break from the sense of reality the way we are generally perceiving it. According to her, the transformation takes place primarily at the immaterial, psychological level. 

Abstract transformation

A conversion of feelings means in general „transforming of something.” The Artist presents an abstract theme and develops it freely in an open formula. For Ewa, emotions are for sure a change, but her RETRIBUTION are radical ones! We do not know if a transformation of feelings will result in positive aspects such as freedom. And ethical progress, and intensive involvement. As they are taking place in crucial parts and elements of the presented compositions. 

Post-painterly drawings symbolism

The RETRIBUTION in Ewa’s post-painterly drawings symbolizes a complete revolution in the area of ​​central values. We see the free assimilation of various graphic elements. Ans a complete replacement of elements with new ones. We have the impression of negation of previous identities, change of value towards some source of authority. And a transition to another motive on which the new identity will be based. 

The emotions emanating from the work is associated with a drastic change. Change in life involving a radical change in its most important aspects. We onlookers are feeling the conversion, something new, impalpable, hidden behind spots and lines.