Robert Lardus INTERFERENCES art language

Robert Lardus – INTERFERENCES – art language

Each creative artist creates his own art language. He has a variety of painting symbolism at his disposal. Robert Lardus treats painting as a story. One can even say that he does not paint, but writes his INTERFERENCES artworks. He writes with characters.

The artist built his own symbolism of painterly signs. The patches he creates in the pictures are in the form of painted-signs. In this unique art language, he tells a story about human relationships. He writes in a cross-cultural language that applies to all tribes, races, clans, nations, and civilizations. He writes to and about all people individually and about entire communities. Thanks to this, his INTERFERENCES art extremely universal, and his language unlimitedly capacious.

In this sense, Robert Lardus is a conceptual artist. First of all, the creation process itself takes on a conceptual character. The painter, through his art voice, refers to art metaphorically. He describes the world with universal painting symbolism. You can use terms such as language, vocabulary, conversation and narration in relation to his work. Lardus developed his own art language, built from an alphabet of forms. An alphabet with an infinite number of characters, with indescribable spelling and grammar.

Cross-cultural way of painting.

Thanks to his approach to art, he created a cross-cultural way of painting. Just like the writing itself is universal. The logic of the handwriting is based on the abstract agreement that a given sign matters. It can be an anecdote, phrase, or a single letter. The art language of Lardus refers to any man-made writing system and creates another system ..

The painter’s goal is to engage in a dialogue with the audience. With the help of his art language, he wants to conduct a „discussion” with the recipients of his works. Lardus uses metaphorical signs. In his INTERFERENCES symbolism, he uses colors, shapes and his own artistic process to encode his thoughts on interpersonal relations. Each picture is a statement. Color and form symbolically convey the meanings of emotions and mood. The painting symbolism used by the artist is limited only by the approach and interpretation of the audience. Robert Lardus is not literal, he is metaphorical. It allows a variety of interpretations. His art language is not imposed, it allows for any reception. Each viewer will read what he or she wants in the picture. Each viewer will read him or herself.