Robert Vanecke PSEUDOLOGIA FANTASTICA colored drawings

The series of colored drawings „Pseudologia Fantastica”, refers to the theory of lies. Robert seeks to identify and describe this eternal human defect in his practices. Judged as philosophers, ethics, logicians, semantics, semiotics, psychologists, sociologists, and finally linguists, Robert Vanecke notes in his graphics his observations and reflections on the nature of lies. The artist presents in an abstract way the universality of lies and their various forms. 

Inspiration for artworks

Inspiration for an artist often means a surge of unexpected inspiration. Robert’s approach to colored drawing is based on the thesis that inspiration is the result of reflections and studying of a problem.  He noticed that the world around him provides him with materials for further reflection. And then there is the process of translating all the experiences into colored artworks.

Robert Vanecke in his colored drawings talks about his world, combining poetic elements with individual intimacy. His work is always the beginning of a story that leads the viewer to the threshold of an unknown lie. In his abstract drawings, the artist composes shapes and forms of the image with which he freely plays. His colored drawings focuses on the combination of related forms. Robert loves to create tension, dramatic –  shapes and forms can reflect basic emotional experiences.

Symbolism in Robert Vanecke colored drawings

Robert Vanecke colored drawings are full of symbolism, emotional tension capable of displaying very subtle emotions. “Pseudologia Fantastica” is a perverse record of very individual feelings contained in human life.

Artist’s approach to colored drawing is based on the thesis that inspiration is the result of reflections and studying a problem. When he finds a subject that bothers or fascinates him, he draws and makes notes. The next step is translating all the experiences into sketches. However, the subject itself is only an excuse to paint another colored drawing. 

Robert Vanecke from the Fantastica Pseudology series uses abstract symbols to tell unique stories of relationships between people. Clear compositions, simple colors, obvious forms of creating harmonious but also tax forms for different interpretations of images. Each of us can discover in them because a lie is a nature of „I”.