Robert lives in a world of forms and colors. He cultivates his individual perception of the world, looking for simple, cult beauty. His inspiration has many forms – meeting with other cultures, fascination with ancient symbols, fantasy world seen through the eyes of children. That is why in his paintings we see layers of mysticism. A silent secret, how he interprets forms and finds a place for them in his art. Much remains on the side of the viewer, interpretations of mystical shapes and colors leave the viewer in a state of uncertainty. The Pseudologia-Fantastica series transforms abstract symbols into an integral part of the story in the pictures. Forms combine cultural heritage. The composition is a journey of transformation. Very simple colors, very simple forms, very simple compositions. Robert has a great love for handwriting, reminiscent of ancient calligraphy and the tradition of ink-painting. A journey to the beginnings of human culture.

Calligraphy art is a combination of calligraphy and painting. The idea behind writing is to convey certain meanings with standard characters. In calligraphy, symbols and gestures meet. Calligraphic painting is more than that. The calligrapher does not just write words – he uses signs to convey information and metaphysical meanings. Painting is the art of communicating emotions. Changing spots, values, colors into abstract meanings.

Calligraphy art is the art of gestures that transfers the energy of both body and spirit into an abstract sign. Calligraphy is done by independent artists in many cultures around the world. In some cultures, there is a belief in a direct relationship between calligraphic painting and the power of divinity. For calligraphers, it is a form of conveying emotions through gestures and lines.

The calligraphy art works of Robert Vanecke are paradoxical. The form is ambiguous and the colors are surprising. The multitude of elements creates coherent images that combine tradition and modernity. Drawing, due to the technique used by the artist, is precise, but at the same time full of spontaneity. A bright theme and simplicity of composition characterize every work.

The calligraphy art composition is meant to give the viewer a concrete reflection on the human condition. It is a story about a man in a group, community, interaction with others. It is blurring the individual to the benefit of the group. Multilevel, multilayered structures show the complexity of an individual’s life in a community.