Ron Vickers

Ron Vickers Bio

Ron Vickers grew up in many places and therefore always felt uprooted. The world was his place, but strictly speaking nowhere was his place. Ron’s father was a Belgian diplomat married to a mixed race Mexican. Their child’s only stable place an airy, large but cozy house in Tijuana where he was sent every year for vacation with his grandparents and where Spanish, English and American were spoken.

Ron Vickers studied sociology. In many places. He considers himself a cultural expert and photographer. Loves to engage in community work wherever he is, to participate in artistic projects whenever he can.

No permanent address, no long-term attachment. Ron Vickers still is in, the years of his midlife, a drifter, a vagabond discovering local communities, penetrating them with his perceptive and considered eye and lense of an outsider.

Ron Vickers Art Statement

Ron Vickers is fascinated by modern techniques that he puts to work in a traditional manner. He photographs the world in a very intimate way. Focuses on abstract details that are inviting the viewer to build out of it a larger story, to look for interpretations, associations. It would appear that he is presenting obvious things by breaking away from recognized ways of perception. The seemingly traditional approach, reveals, after closer acquaintance, a uniqueness of the artist’s perception of the world. His photographs and digital abstraction are specific due to unique emotions and atmosphere, he focuses mainly on composition. An abstract reality, one could say.
In his latest and digital abstraction works, he uses traditional aesthetics and encourages the discovery of beauty in the abstract imperfection that is so unique and rare in current media.

Ron Vickers works a lot with digital abstraction. Works belonging to digital abstraction style are created by use of digital devices. The sophistication and exceptional precision of the software allows the artists to test the limits of human perception. The compositions of digital abstraction are rhythmic, repetitive or unique, illusively imitating abstract forms. Digital technology creates aesthetics independent of painting techniques. The works of Roy Vickers take the form of flat prints and sometimes spatial reliefs.

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