Sources of artists’ inspirations.

What provides inspiration to an artist?

Where artists’ inspirations come from? Inspiration is a surge of creativity in an artistic endeavor. Surreal artists looked for inspiration by turning to dreams. They also used automatic typing. Sources of Artists’ inspiration is often placed in the unconscious mind. The theory of inspiration suggests that the artist draws from something beyond individual experience.

In modern psychology, inspiration is generally viewed as an entirely internal process. It is believed that regardless of the approach to inspiration, whether it is empiric or mystical in origin, inspiration is by nature out of control.

Artists often cannot determine its origin. An inspiration for an artist often means simply a surge of an unexpected impuls, powerful force. The artist is unaware of its origin. This force is beyond him. It refers not to the sheer sudden originality, but to the unexpected and stunning blow of a new idea.

Artists’ inspirations

Another approach to the subject of artists’ inspiration is based on the thesis that inspiration is the result of reflections and studying the problem that bothers the artist. The topic itself is a pretext to create another painting, sculpture or other artistic work. The inspiration is deeper. These are individual experiences, experiences and reflections that result in bringing an element of genius into creativity. This appreciation of the artist’s work is beyond him, but it results from his accumulated experiences. An artist must experience. The artist puts himself in the position of a more deeply experiencing person, which allows him to draw from these experiences. Only then does he have the opportunity to give his art a higher rank.

Many artists create works because of this one impulse that once commanded them to act in a certain direction and in a certain way. We are able to experience revelation in a split of a second, when only one thought appears in our head. The inspiration of artists understood in this way is based on a single enlightenment. That changed the artist and his entire work.

What are the sources of inspiration for artists?

Should one actively seek artistic inspiration or wait for it to come? We often hear that artists go through hard work before they come up with an idea of ​​creating something unique and valuable. They often lose their inspiration. Contemporary art is not artfulness, not a manual skill, but the art of showing something unique in a unique way. New is important, it moves art forward. Does an artist who has lost his inspiration cease to be an artist?Each artist has a different approach to the world, to himself, to art. It is difficult to say what sources of artistic inspiration guided the artist and influenced his works. Everyone is different and looks at the world differently. Each source of inspiration looks differently, individually. It is a very private, very intimate process.