SYBARITIC POSES by Jan Astner – abstraction painting

Jan Astner abstraction painting

Color is the most important element of the abstraction painting series, and the overriding idea is to convey its emotional impact. The creative act itself is strictly controlled and subordinated to triggering basic experiences in the viewer. The artist, by using abstraction, aims to create the illusion of large, unlimited spaces. Thanks to this, he wants to achieve an emotional effect of great power. Therefore, Jan Astner simplified the painting technique. 

Painter often talks about his painting as a sublimation of feelings. He understands it as a shift of unacceptable will, needs and expectations for creativity. However, he does not treat creation as a defense mechanism, but as a transfer to another world of immaterial feelings and impressions. These poses are unlimited by limitation, satisfied with themselves and within themselves. Such a tempting worship of your being, yourself.

Abstract form of artworks

The abstract form is meant to express sublimation and infinity. To achieve this goal, the naturalistic representation of nature is eliminated, tradition or associations with any clearly defined object are rejected.

A world where the idealism of SYBARITIC POSES differs from everyday life. The sensual art in the style of abstraction painting are an invitation. On the other hand, selected fragments of paintings are enriched, so that they become vibrating and tangible. Jan uses thick pour paint to mark the boundaries. Oftentimes sharp contrasting colors come into contact and fight with each other. 

In order to enhance the sensuality of his abstractions painting, the artist places great emphasis on lighting. He exposes the brightest images to bright light, and exposes the dark ones in soft, diffused lighting. In this way, he wants to give the viewer a choice of mood that suits him best. That is, which one best allows you to match a person’s relationship with the selected image. Because the aim of his abstraction painting is to build a bond between the viewer and the image.