SYNTHESIS abstract landscapes by Jaroslaw Filipek

SYNTHESIS Abstract landscapes by Jarosław Filipek

The SYNTHESIS series presents Jarosław Filipek as an abstract artist. Although he describes his paintings as abstract landscapes, they are far from being typical ones.

All the components of a painting dictionary, such as rhythm, color, contrast, value, are used to communicate content indirectly. The artist creates his own individual code, a record of his intentions and emotions. What distinguishes SYNTHESIS from non-abstract landscapes is the lack of a realistic presentation. Jarosław Filipek transfers his thoughts to paintings with the help of abstract symbolism. Often the only reference to a landscape is a line that can be interpreted as the horizon.

All abstract landscapes are a record of emotions, a presentation of a unique view of the world around us. Abstract painting is often associated with seemingly incomprehensible color spots on the canvas. However the works of Jarosław Filipek do not fit in with the informel painting trend. His paintings present a formal order, have a visible and unambiguous composition, an arrangement of strictly defined forms. With the arrangement of spots, the division of the surface, the artist refers to a landscape seen from a great distance, open and full of space.

SYNTHESIS paintings have their own unique character. Anyone who has seen the images of this series once will recognize the next ones!

It is a series of watercolor impressions, a synthesis of impressions from communing with nature. Simple in form, unique in colors. The abstract landscapes, made in a unique technique, are ethereal, transcendent and strongly suggestive.