Vidal Toreyo – new paintings exhibition

Vidal Toreyo – new paintings exhibition

The IAXAI Art Gallery has once again organized an attractive exhibition of new paintings of Vidal Toreyo. Works from the New Mutations series were presented in the gallery’s rooms.

The IAXAI Art Gallery has allocated 4 rooms to the exhibition. In each of them, the artist placed a selected series of new paintings. The viewers, moving between individual rooms, had the opportunity to see contrasting works.

The art gallery for the vernissage invited renowned art critics, curators and collectors. A significant number of visitors were institutional collectors and architects, interior designers looking for work for office interiors and public spaces.

New paintings were painted this year. Vidal Toreyo paints dynamic canvases, going beyond the conventions of the art of emotional expressionism. Images from the „New Mutations” series are a double mutation. In the process of painting, they change from the initial random form in the direction designed by the artist. Vidal adds more elements and more layers.

New paintings in this series contain unique optical effects. A mirage is a fascinating reflection and light absorption phenomenon. A very changeable phenomenon – depending on the place from which it is viewed. Lighting is very important, it has the greatest impact on the viewer’s perception. The picture is constantly changing creating not only illusions, but vibrating, pulsating.

Journalists also visited the opening. The artist gave several interviews.

The IAXAI Art Gallery has been active in the art market for several years. It combines ambitious painting, unique graphics and abstract photography. Such a broad spectrum of art disciplines encourages viewers to visit frequently and participate in vernissages.