Władysław Paweł JABŁONSKI

He was born on April 12, 1929. in Maków. He spent his childhood in the countryside near Skierniewice, which certainly had considerable influence on the development of sensitivity and perception of the surrounding world. In 1947 he passed the matriculation exam in Skierniewice and soon began his education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, which he graduated in 1955, passing a diploma from the poster with prof. Henryk Tomaszewski. In the last years of studies, he started working at the Polish Academy of Sciences, and then from 1958 in the monthly magazine „Młody Technik”. Here he began his adventure with photography. He worked out the graphic layout of the magazine, selected illustrations, photographs, ordered technical drawings, wrote articles about photography, and motorization. There were a lot of work in the monthly, but after preparing the next issue, there were a few days left that could be used for driving around Poland and photographing. The post-war years in Poland were difficult for the inhabitants. Poverty, lack of clothes, shoes, basic products, struggle with post-war reality, tedious daily life, all of this has been magically captured in the photographs of Władysław Paweł Jabłoński. The first photos are a reportage „Warsaw Children” – they were published in an appendix illustrated to the newspaper „Życie Warszawy”. The author has permanently collaborated, among others with weeklies and monthlies like “Stolica”, “Polityka”, “Świat”, “Perspektywy”, “Przekrój” czy “Przyjaciółka”. He also published sometimes in “Dzienniku Ludowym” i “Gromada Rolnik Polski”.