Color drawings by Magdalena Dominika -RHYTHMS

Magdalena DOMINIKA, Rhythms Opus 01

Magdalena DOMINIKA, Rhythms Opus 02

Magdalena DOMINIKA, Rhythms Opus 04

Magdalena DOMINIKA, Rhythms Opus 05

Magdalena DOMINIKA, Rhythms Opus 03

RHYTMS – color drawings

Magdalena Dominika has achieved mastery in color drawings. The artist uses a wide range of shades of expression. From a reportage, simple in the form of a note, to lyrical-poetic complex impressions and variations. Form of her sketches is synonymous with artistic craftsmanship.

Magdalena makes her drawings very impulsively. They are sketches. Thanks to this form, a colorful drawing is a kind of commentary to the staging that surrounds us. She found an intriguing spectrum of compositions. She is fascinated by nature. Magdalena is able to bring out of ordinary things the dimension of the extraordinary. The specificity of her style is striving to convey the greatest possible expression of the presented topic. For this purpose, she uses the rhythm of the composition.

Digital art

In the hands of the artist, the sketches have been interpreted in the drawing material. Her color drawings are the result of the artistic gaze of the viewer-cartoonist. Sketches are notes. Only later, in the studio, are the actual drawings created on their basis. Thanks to this, they present a synthetic approach to entries from sketchbooks. The artist makes computer drawings. Subjects them to a unique deformation and transformation.

In the color drawing performed by Dominika, the painting function is taken over by a flexible, subtle line. Sketching played an important role in her work. Quick sketches have resulted in an artistic reflection on the explored forms. She uses computer deformation in a very individual way. From the nature she contemplates she takes over the rhythmicity of forms. In her color drawing, Dominica is not interested in ornamentation. The artist consciously uses rhythmic styling. She developed her own, separate formal approach to drawing.