Hard-edge art by Robert Lartdus at IAXAI Gallery

Robert Lardus POLIPROFILES – hard-edge art

Hard-edge art is a painting convention in which an image is made up of single-color spots and in which there are abrupt transitions between color areas. Color areas have one unchanging monochrome color. The transitions between the individual areas have clearly defined edges.

The POLIPROFILES series was created by Robert Lardus in the hard-edge art. Robert’s hard-edge art painting is related to geometric abstraction and color field abstraction. The artworks of Robert Lardus are the result of a conscious, impersonal and non-emotional application of paint to the substrate. The work of art surfaces are perfectly flat. There is no facture on them. Everything is painted unambiguously, confidently and without coincidence.

It is often said that hard-edge style art is characterized by the „economy of the applied painting forms”, „the fullness and intensity of the color” and „the purity of painted surfaces”. This idea is also shared by Robert Lardus. His paintings are calm, although we feel the action in them. Our guess is that POLIPROFILES is not a technical object, but the works of a creative artist who is sensitive to beauty.

Color and line in Robert Lardus paintings

Color is of exceptional importance in the works of the POLIPROFILES series. The color range of each painting is clear and obvious. The colors used by Lardus are characterized by particular sharpness and clarity. Each color spot has its own unique character. When looking at them, we get the impression of the strength of individual colors. The colors are chosen very consciously and thoughtfully.

The next very important element of Robert Lardus’ hard-edge art is the line. It is sharp and expressive. It definitely separates patches of color from each other. It is unambiguous and clearly defined. However, the artist avoids a straight line. He claims that in nature a straight line does not occur. In this way, he wants to show that his works are an element of human creativity. not technical geometry. The lines are soft and fluid. They weave across the surface of the painting, sometimes they turn abruptly and twist. In this way they suggest a connection with nature. Characteristic for the hard-edge art is also a non-relational arrangement of forms on the canvas. The painting surprises us in many places with its twists and turns and the contrasts in the size of the spots.