Hard-edge creator Alice Juno – interview

IAXAI: You are a hard-edge creator. Your painting is often referred to as „economy of applied painting forms” and ” cleanliness of painted surfaces”.

Alice Juno: I became a hard-edge artist consciously. I strive for order in my works. To achieve this I adopted formalism. Hence, simplicity dominates in my paintings. Only form, line, color and their interaction with each other count.

Alice Juno post painterly abstraction artist

IAXAI: Formalism as goal?

Alice Juno: Formalism yes, but beauty as goal. I strive for beauty in my works. I understand beauty as a sense of calm subject to rigid rules of composition. Therefore, I limit the color range. The chromatic surface of my paintings is very precise. There are no incidents or random forms in my paintings, apart from the lines. I want the effect to be simple and clear in its form, so that the images radiate peace.

Alice Juno hard-edge artist

IAXAI: These painting features connect you with minimalism.

Alice Juno: My painting is based mainly on aesthetic, even intellectual formalism. I use a non-relational arrangement of forms on canvas that are freely suspended in an anonymous space. Every part of the picture is clearly defined and almost completely impersonal.

Alice Juno post painterly abstraction artist

IAXAI: You care a lot about the quality of your painting techniques…

Alice Juno: Absolutely! It is also part of my approach to the concept of beauty. Besides, the structure of the drawing determines the composition. Lines, spots, accents, areas of peace, places bustling with life create compositions. In addition, I enhance the effect of an order by using intense colors, contrasts, shimmers and matte surfaces. I am hard-edge creator.

Alice Juno hard-edge artist

IAXAI: Does the uniform stylistic consistency of the composition, in a way, replace emotions and spirituality?

Alice Juno: I focus on the structure of the work. I try to paint with full control. As a hard-edge creator, this is my approach to understanding beauty. My abstract art does not stick to reality and everything that reality represents. I create a new world through my paintings. The goal is improvement. I see being a hard-edge artist as a way to improve myself.