Ivo Alvarone EMOTIONAL LANDSCAPES abstract landscapes

Emotional Landscape 003

EMOTIONAL LANDSCAPE – abstract landscapes

The abstract landscapes of Ivo Alvaroune gained critical acclaim early on. He is an artist whose volatile, romantic imagination and the gift of transforming the landscape allow him to create unique fantasies. Painter, graphic artist and unconventional man, with a soul sensitive not only to impersonal beauty. He paints in various techniques. 

During his studies, the artist traveled regularly. He was most fascinated by the sea and the mountains. During his trips to Andalusia, Cantabria, Calabria and the Greek islands, he studied waves, mountains and the sky. Observing such a diverse nature was an artistic revelation to him.

He experiments in oil, creates flat compositions in acrylic, uses mixed media in structural works. The strength of the colors and contrasts of his abstract landscapes, the dynamic way of painting and the enriched texture determine the qualities of his painted works alla prima.

Ivo Alvarone abstract art

Artist treated nature as romantics. He saw in it an autonomous entity filled with spirit. In his paintings, he tried to capture the mysticism of nature’s views. He studied its dynamics, phenomena and changes very carefully. No wonder that the results are very expressive landscapes. When we look at his works, it is difficult to treat them only as a painterly representation of shores, rocks and sky. Our thoughts turn to symbolic content: change, metamorphosis, pulsation of life.

Alvarone is no stranger to his stylization, which allowed him to give the observed reality an almost fantastic dimension. Ivo shows us nature he saw in a dramatic setting: under a cloudy, stormy sky, lashed by strong winds, and scorched by the sun. That is why his abstract landscapes pulsate with emotions and surprise with strong forms. They are full of great joy in life and abstract beauty. Apart from playing with light and color, the artist tries to influence other senses. He suggests that the viewer touch his paintings. The palette of experiences when perceiving abstract painting is unlimited. In the applied matter painting, it affects other senses. It is fascinating, it is intriguing. This is the essence of abstract painting.