Colorful landscape – Ivo Alvarone at IAXAI Gallery

PAISAJE SINTETICO series of artworks

Ivo Alvarone paints colorful landscape. Abstract art, abstract landscape, is governed by no less specific rules than traditional landscape painting. His paintings are formally ordered, and have a visible and unambiguous composition. They are arranged in strictly defined forms. With the rhythm and duplication of forms, the painter refers to fields, landscapes seen from a great distance. He paints open and wide space.

In terms of meaning, abstract painting can cover anything. Both emotions and social considerations, philosophical concepts, and cultural problems. These may be topics of interest to the author, topics which he usually does not talk about directly. Abstract colorful landscapes are a record of emotions, experiences and thoughts. Each viewer of the picture can enter through the artwork his individual world.

Synthetic colorful landscape

His paintings, deeply embedded in the style of synthetic abstract painting. The artist, as an landscape painter, focuses on unique ranges of colors. The latest period in the artist’s work is strongly influenced by open-air painting, i.e. the tendency to paint views of nature in the open air. Alvarone creates synthetic colorful landscapes in acrylic technique on canvas. 

Ivo Alvarone loves nature, space and its infinity. In his painting we meet emotions and moods. He can contemplate nature around him for hours. He analyzes it, breaks it down into colors, tones and accents. As a colorful landscape painter, he creates views. In his works, he highlights the difference between the time and place of the creation of a work with color. A moment is enough for the landscape to change. Every painter is sensitive to color and light.