Magdalena Dominika

Magdalena Dominika Bio

Magdalena Dominika studied design and photography in Edinburgh (Great Britain) and Brisbane (Australia),
participated in international projects in the Netherlands, China and Spain. For the last few years, Magda has been living and working in Barcelona. Proficiency in four languages allows her to easily penetrate and absorb different cultures in-depth.

Magdalena’s striking photography is a result of her jewelry design background and her Mediterranean live. Although currently residing in Spain, she is truly a citizen of the world and exposes her works internationally. She presented them in China and the capitals of Scotland, Australia, France, United Kingdom, Luxemburg, Belgium and Poland.

Magdalena Dominika Artistic Credo

In her works, Magdalena Dominika combines hyperrealism with graphics manipulation. Magdalena Dominika creates unique compositions from photos of everyday banal objects and food products, turning them into fantasies and heterogenous puzzles in which the idea of appearance from an individual element is used and it is impossible to read the rule that governs the whole composition.

Magdalena Dominika is also fascinatet by optical art. The Optical Art style focuses on the impact on the viewer’s sense of sight, not on his intellect or emotions. Works of op art frequently cause optical illusions. Magdalena Dominika is using abstract combinations of forms, light effects, dynamic and textural effects, aimed at evoking the impression of depth and movement by vibrating the field of view.

Magdalena Dominika also uses digital abstraction. Works belonging to digital abstraction style are created by use of digital devices. The sophistication and exceptional precision of the software allow Magdalena Dominika to test the limits of human perception. In her compositions there are multiplications and rhythms. Digital abstraction is also connected with optical art, using illusively imitating abstract forms. Digital technology creates aesthetics independent with unique techniques.

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