Robert Vanecke – PSEUDOLOGIA FANTASTICA – symbolic abstraction

Robert Vanecke – PSEUDOLOGIA FANTASTICA – symbolic abstraction

„Pseudologia Fantastica” a  symbolic abstraction painting series by Robert Vanecke. a series that embodies, by using the means of postpainterly and symbolic abstraction the human condition of the lie, the necessity and inalienable ways of living in a word of untruth. Yes, necessity, as we cannot live without it. Without the lie, the lying. Our world is constructed and based on a fine web of accounts of exploits that never happened, also we do firmly believe in them. We believe in our own lies. This is what “Pseudologia fantastica” is about. 

The mythomania, pathological lying that takes a form of drops, drips, lines, crisscrossing shapes, created with a light but decisive hand of Robert Vanecke. Forms combine cultural heritage. The composition is a journey of transformation. Paintings as symbolic abstraction are using simple colors, appearance, almost ascetic compositions. 

Yet pseudologia fantastica/mythomania/pathological lying is coming from far in our culture. We are raised with lies, through lies and the social tissu is saturated with them. It is our ego that creates these dots, shapes of unreached goals, covers the failures with a presentation that caresses, pampers us, creates a better image of ourselves.

The universality of the lie and its various forms

Robert Vanecke attempts in and by his symbolic abstraction artworks, to define and capture this eternal human vice. Like philosophers, ethicists, logicians, semanticists, semiotics, psychologists, sociologists and, finally, linguists, Robert Vanecke encodes his insights and reflections on the nature of lies. The artist presents in a symbolic way the universality of the lie and its various forms.

Symbolic abstraction painting easily lifts the weight of this important and heavy subject. The means used by Robert Vanecke allow for interpretation of the complex matter of lies, creating interesting compositions with a minimalist formula.