Series of abstract paintings TRANQUILIDAD by Jan Astner

Jan Astner TRANQUILIDAD series of abstract paintings

TRANQUILIDAD, the series of abstract paintings by Jan Astner is a unique compilation of the artist’s memories of his stay in Andalusia. Jan Astner tried to reflect the character of the southern region of Spain, its culture, and the inhabitants' approach to life and fun. TRANQUILIDAD means „tranquility”. It is an emanation of the joy of life, enjoying the moment, having fun in the company of friends, time spent with a glass of sherry and discussions with friends.

The exhibition of TRANQUILIDAD works was combined with a presentation of flamenco music by artists from Jerez de La Frontera. Andalusia is famous for this kind of music. Flamenco has become the national music of all of Spain. But the greatest virtuosos of traditional guitar, dance and singing come from Andalusia.

TRANQUILIDAD, the series of abstract paintings is performed with a unique technique developed by Jan Astner. Light layers of paint are applied with a damp sponge. The drawing is gradually washed out. This way the artist obtains the effects of transparency and luminosity. One image has many such layers. The delicate texture obtained as a result of using sponges refers to soft fabrics. It is very fleeting, openwork. The series of abstract paintings made in this way resembles a light fabric such as tulle or gauze. The effects obtained thanks to this painting technique refer to the name of the series: they evoke peace, calm, tranquility.The images do not contain straight lines. They consist of softly curving veils. The colors of this series of abstract paintings are also unique. Subdued, calm, without aggressive intense contrasts dominate. The painting is an open composition, as if cut out of a larger whole. It is unlimited – it can develop in any direction. There is peace emanating from the pictures, there is no tension, no intensity whatsoever. A respite, fleeting mood of the moment, a nice time.