Unique watercolor landscapes SYNTHESIS

SYNTHESIS, watercolor landscapes, urges us to stop and admire the moment, the play of colors, thousands of shades.

Jarosław Filipek treats nature similarly to expressionist abstractionists. He sees in it an autonomous being filled with spirit, presenting the mysticism of views. His watercolor landscapes are very careful studies of the phenomena and changes of nature. These abstract landscapes fascinate with diversity, pulsate with light, enchant with the illusion of space. As a result, they are fully autonomous creations of abstract beauty with unique decorative features.

Jarosław Filipek is a colorist painter. His watercolor landscapes are full of strong, intense and juicy colors. The artist plays with their juxtapositions and mixing. It contrasts and weaves them into charming and unpretentiously intense, unique ranges. He doesn’t use the color directly. He looks for exceptional colors, builds non-obvious combinations. It suggests, allows for interpretation, for free reception. This is due to his vision of nature. The artist persuades us to open our imaginations, to translate abstract works into known associations and memories. It teaches a perverse view of the natural world. Usually we see nature as general beauty, but we don’t pay attention to details. Usually we look fast, we don’t study, we don’t admire the forms, the moment.

It is a series of watercolor impressions, a synthesis of impressions from communing with nature. Simple in form, unique in colors. The abstract watercolor landscapes, made in a unique technique, are ethereal, transcendent and strongly suggestive.