Artur Kepili

Artur Kepili Bio

Artur Kepili was born Mexico. He comes from the Huasteks, an indigenous people, a pre-Columbian civilization. He is very proud of his Mesoamerican roots and the Mayan language spoken in northern Veracruz where he is from.

Artu Kepili inspiration is often Tlazolteotl, the goddess of love, pleasure, fertility, lust, mother of all seasons and rivers, who purifies as much as she presides over sin and death.

Artur Kepili artistic credo

All my creative activity can be described as “perfecting”. I am achieving the effect in painting through internal reflection combined with external intervention. For external interactions in relation to motives and intentions of creation are important to the sphere of individual artistic perception. Looking at the past, detailed observation and personal commitment to the subject – this is the essence of my creative process. While creating, I challenge myself to capture the uniqueness of the moment and place. My goal is to inspire viewers of my work to take a closer look at the world around them. I would like them to discover beauty in unusual places and moments. Like I do. 

I am always starting painting with a general idea of what I would like to achieve as far as colors and composition are concerned. That way the painting process becomes more of an experimental conversation than a planned process. Each subsequent layer of paint is a reaction to the previous layer. Each exposed detail is part of a dialogue between myself and the image. I noticed that the most interesting conclusions I am drawing, are from conversations I listened carefully to. However, first of all I try to celebrate in my artwork the greatest of all arts – the art of a well lived life!

Artur Kepili art statement

Artur Kepili feels that his artistic duty is to create objects reminding and explaining the past, the civilization of his ancestors, a culture known for textiles, ceramics, buildings decorated with murals and monumental sculptures. He studied sculpture Mexico City but now prefers the easel. Aware of his Indian roots, he creates paintings in an abstract way interpreting ethnic stylistics in the studio in the provinces.

Post-painterly abstraction rejects the mysticism of abstract expressionism and any residual references to the outside world. In Artur Kepili paintings post-painterly is a purely factual art that functions more in terms of basic elements of the medium itself; form, color, texture, form and so on. Bright colors, clear and open compositions are characteristic for post-painterly abstraction and Artur creations.

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