Painterly calligraphy by Robert Lardus – HUMANOGRAPHY

Robert Lardus – HUMANOGRAPHY – art fo human calligraphy

Sign, symbol, color and gesture come together to form calligraphy. The basis of calligraphy is writing. Calligraphy uses traditional tools: liquid ink, a brush or a calligraphy pen. Handwriting is the transmission of certain meanings using standard characters. Calligraphy is not only a record but also an art of communication. Calligraphy is meant to convey something at the same time metaphysical and physical. Painting is the art of gestures that transfers the energy of the body and spirit into the image. It is an anecdote, a story, a medium of icons and strong messages.

For Lardus, human-like figures in the HUMANOGRAPHY series are a tool for recording emotions. Emotions related to relationships between people. The human figure is used in his paintings as an icon, symbol, sign. HUMANOGRAPHY refers to both the art of calligraphy and figurative painting. It is true that the artist does not use typical calligraphy or a typical human drawing. He creates new symbols based on simplified drawings of a conventional character.

Drawing of the human figure

Due to the consistency of the forms used, the image acquires the features of an abstract symbolic combination. Although Robert Lardus is a conscious representative of abstract painting, he breaks away from general rules. The artist allows himself to transform and deconstruct letters. This is joined by color, vivid, intense and spontaneously light.

Robert Lardus is not limited to drawing characters – he manipulates color and texture. Creating completely new characters and your own alphabet definitely goes beyond simple transformation. Artist creates a new language through painting. A symbolic, changeable and open language. Individual characters or groups of characters create complex abstract compositions. For Robert Lardus, art of human shapes is aesthetic. It is an intellectual experience. It allows him to express himself unlimitedly.

The painter creates a completely new catalog of forms. New symbolism. It is a completely new element of culture. It is also an innovation and a new value in painting. Painting, color and light are the basis of painting. Both of these areas are linked by the use of artistic symbols. This is definitely more than the traditional use of icons and characters in an image or in calligraphy.