Alice Juno TANGLE hard-edge painting vision

Alice Juno TANGLE hard-edge painting vision

Alice Juno’s hard-edge painting vision defines „direct simplicity.” The artist painted the TANGLE series using her own painting technique. Every part of the picture is clearly defined and almost completely impersonal. Brush strokes are invisible.  There is, however, a definite composition, colored with intensely drawn lines.

Instead of emotions or spirituality, we come across an uniform, stylistically coherent composition. Hard-edge painting vision incorporates formal elements into the works. It focuses on the structure of the work and the overall design of order, calm and control. The painting is thought out, composed and executed with full control. This approach distinguishes this style of painting with regard to understanding beauty.

Abstract painting

Like other hard-edge abstract artists, Alice strives to organize. Formality dominates in her works, and her hard-edge painting vision is mainly formal simplicity. Only form, line, color and their interaction with each other count. Due to these features, Alice Juno’s painting can also be interpreted as minimalism. Her painting is based mainly on aesthetic, even intellectual formalism.

About Alice Juno’s hard-edge painting is „the economy of applied painting forms” and „the cleanliness of painted surfaces”. The non-relational arrangement of forms on the canvas is also characteristic of her style. The forms are freely suspended in an anonymous space.

Abstract painting proves that works of art do not have to present ordinary subjects. Abstract art does not stick to reality and everything that reality represents. Alice Juno in the TANGLE series paints open compositions, giving them all non-objective names.